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Reality Kings is one of the top voted porn networks out there. With a massive collection of the hottest porn stars, frequent updates, exclusive and HD quality content, Reality Kings is a treat for anyone looking for the best quality porn. It's definitely one of my favorite sites.

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Reality Kings Review: Updated February 2016

Every guy’s first interest is a girl. Every guy feels like a king every time they conquer that girl (their prey), driven by their sexual expectations and fantasies, sometimes love (but that’s not the case most of the times) and let’s not talk about how good a guy could feel after his first threesome? Is this heaven? Is it real life? What about those young 18 year olds? Hitting that MILF ass really good? Or maybe a nice and overwhelming bukkake? The point is, every guy wants and feels like a king in each sexual encounter they have. How could we not feel like that? We’re hitting that pussy! So where do the kings like us go when there’s no pussy to hit but a boner to satisfy? Obviously: Reality Kings. In this Reality Kings review, I want to mainly focus on the aspects of video quality and the overall experience. Additional details such as video and image formats are listed on this review so you can have a look if you need more details. What I can tell from discharging my emotions on a page like Reality Kings is that you can find more than 38-sites promised after you sign up. These sites full of big breasted mommies who want to fuck younger couples, random guys and girls on the floor of a club just having fun and keeping away from dancing, 18 year olds ready to explore their sexuality and taking big cumshots on any part of their bodies and more. There’s a lot of variety to please those deep and dark fantasies that rely on every vein of your cock. You can also find lesbian and group sex, a site mostly dedicated to big natural tits, big butts, who doesn’t like Latinas and their sexy accent while they’re moaning because of you? Big cocks for those girls and gay guys that don’t know they’re gay yet, anal sex for the overachievers, gang bangs so you can watch and practice if you have the opportunity one day. What else? Anything that your dirty mind can think of! Reality is an odd thing. You can have a little tiny fantasy and when you watch it run wild, you’ll soon see how it evolved up in your imagination to a well-produced porn movie. How can reality fulfill that dream when you’re married to a well-behaved 45 year old that’s the mother of your child and you just can’t imagine filling her mouth of your milk? And how can you satisfy an endless porn movie that you just left up for your imagination? Watching it play on a palpable screen and enjoying every bit of that sweaty fun. That’s why the porn sites where invented. To feel that you’ve satisfied your wildest dreams without having to tell your young teen girlfriend that you’re up for a nice orgy with 3 other girls. As a king on Reality Kings, you can appreciate that the movies are of very high quality, even if it’s on set, a studio or a location at club, penthouses or swimming pools. Their technical team is very skilled, which makes the scenes look so much better, hence a better jack off. There are at least 9,000 videos in the library but if that’s not sufficient to please you, the good news is that the numbers grow daily. They add at least one scene every day. You have the option to download their videos in 1080p High Def (1920×1080; 10 mbits) where you can choose from full length movies or clips and MP4 files. What I like most about choosing a video is that the picture galleries are for almost every scene of the video so you can see if you’re going to fast forward some of the parts or not. Who has fast forwarded and then lost sight of some of the best scenes because you weren’t sure of what to expect, tired of too much dick or maybe just too excited to watch the whole video. There’s also a section where you can go and find all of the babes you’ve seen throughout the network and watch your favorite scenes that they’re in. After all, we all save the videos and photos our girls take for us on our phones. Why not save the scenes of the girls we watch on porn and fall in love with, all on one place to watch them again and again? Although this is a great site to go at 3am on a Thursday night while your girlfriend is sleeping right next to you, they have lots of very scrupulous billing tactics, so you have to really pay attention on your signing up process because they add charges that you don’t even notice because of your huge erection! Once you upgrade to, they trick you and add too to your billing cycle, and they charge you for two sites instead of one! Watch out and don’t let your cock dominate your mind, because their policy is “NO REFUND”. Another thing I like about this site is how dependable things are from site to site. Color arrangements and logos apart, the designs are identical. No website is perfect so when I came across Reality Kings, I was really surprised at how everything appeared on my screen. It was amazing and well-organized. It was just almost too good to be true. The worst issue I can find on the site is the male talent that they’re acquiring. It feels like the scenes are almost unwatchable because of the guy’s performances. At least the female models are beautiful, talented and some of them recognized in the porn industry. A great thing about Reality Kings is that is very safe and perfect for those who would feel the need to enjoy up to date porn and don’t miss on any new scenes. Also it is very cheap if you keep an eye on the extra billing that they’re going to try and charge you. The payment methods are also very easy to handle. This is definitely the network for those who want porn until they drop dead and at a very convenient price. When it comes to the quantity of content available, network sites will usually not let you down and Reality Kings definitely does not let you down. The volume of videos and photo collections you will find here will keep you busy for a long time. Even food won´t be able to save you.


  • Lots of content
  • Frequent updates
  • Exclusive HD quality scenes


  • Hard to navigate around the site
  • Some sites don't update frequently


Video Quality - 10
Interface - 9
Content Amount - 10
Updates - 10
Value - 10

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